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We all hear that worrying isn’t going to get us anywhere.  I always had a hard time taking this as advice because I would say, “No, when I worry something positive comes of it.  I convince myself what the next step is to make myself feel better.”  For example, if I did poorly on a test, I would worry about it affecting my grade that it would lead me to study harder for the next, and ‘learn my lesson’ from not doing so well on the first.

What I didn’t realize is that the ‘worrying’ I thought was making me feel better, or more at ease, was not in fact the worrying.  It was the doing that made me feel better; I was confusing it with the worrying.  The ‘studying harder for the next test’ was doing, it had long crossed crossed over the worrying line.

So, how have I been taking that stress and anxiety into action? Well, recall my being sad to leave friends upon graduation, and wanted to spend a LOT of time this semester nourishing those relationships.  That, I am happy to report, is going quite swimmingly.  Football games, BIRTHDAY celebrations, etc.

Allie and I, LSU vs. Washington

22nd birthday celebration, so happy for 22 years!

Emily sandwich

And you know what?  I can’t worry that I can’t cure Multiple Sclerosis and I can’t do research for it, so I don’t.  But I CAN ride my bicycle.  Really far and relatively fast.   So I do!  I am riding with 150 miles with Bike MS on Oct 6-7.  To ride, each participant must raise a minimum of $275  – and what’s really neat is that none of that money goes to rider’s meals, t-shirts, etc.  We pay a fee to cover that when we register.  ALL money goes directly to research and buying things like cooling vests and wheelchair batteries for victims.  Support me if you are able to!  Also, very excited to report that Taylor is doing this year’s ride, too.

Just another date morning…riding 50 miles to help cure MS.

Oh, and the whole job search/life plans, I’m just doing what I can do so that His plan can reveal itself as soon as possible.  I know it will eventually, but the more I am in touch with what He wants for my life, the sooner I can get on that path.  So for now, I apply, apply, apply.  All I can do is plant my seeds.  And boy, I am one tired gardner!  Check out my resume, and hire me? 🙂

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20  

He can and WILL work within us, and accomplish things so that we may escape from worry.


Try saying worry fifty times out loud. Then you’ll see how silly it really sounds.