I seem to have fallen into a black hole since I’ve returned from Duke…but, I come to update this here site to wrap up the summer’s activities and describe what’s ahead. One thing’s for certain, this summer left its mark in more ways than one. Thanks for coming on the journey with me!

Ingredients: feet, Chaco’s and sunshine

With the end of July came the end of my work with Duke TIP. We spent the last few days doing as much hands-on activities with the kids, as their attention spans shrunk by the second. For example, one topological surface we dealt with was a torus…aka a donut, or an innertube.

Neil immersed in the tori


The tori were also useful for the teachers on break time… 🙂

Ms. Munch and I brought the beach to Duke.

Also, in the last week there, Brock and I took a kayak clinic. Duke’s rec center hosts classes throughout out the summer, like rock climbing trips and things. I saw a kayak clinic advertised and decided to take part, why not? No idea what to expect, I asked Brock to come since I knew he had a gym membership as well. So, we showed up at the pool and had a personalized lesson in learning to roll. Rolling is the process of flipping yourself up in a kayak if you’ve fallen over. We mastered hip snapping, wet-exits and buddy rolls. I’d like to get my hands on a kayak again so I can master the roll! Being adventurous is getting pricey!


I had the 5 AM airport duty on the last day to bring three kids to the airport. Then, since I was all packed and had permission to leave early, I started my drive to Atlanta where I met my mom to continue the rest of the journey with me. We made it all in one day thankfully! It was so, so nice to see her and get to come back home. I appreciate each struggle and happy moment that TIP brought, but the main thing I got from being there is that I get most of my joy from the people in my life. I can move wherever, but ‘home’ will always be where my family and closest friends are. I was surrounded by outdoor enthusiasts, a very advanced and clean city, and many other great, promising opportunities. However, I never quite felt home or ready to stay, (a lot of that due to the fact I was only there two months and worked most of the time) but also because Durham didn’t have my family and friends. I wouldn’t have enjoyed Pilot Mountain nor ENO park if I hadn’t gotten to explore it with Taylor, and I didn’t really enjoy the city’s shopping until I was doing it with my parents. I’m going to continue soaking up every drop of Baton Rouge and southeast LA for the year I’ve got left here…I’m obsessed with my school and what it’s allowed me to do: academics, friends, and being near family. GEAUX TIGERS. Speaking of which, LSU media picked up the Honors College write-up from this summer, so I made the home page!

Check out the bottom of LSU.edu!

Moving along, being home has been anything but restful! I’ve divided my time between moving into a new apartment, taking the GRE, helping with Honors College Orientation, meeting with professors, getting ready for LSU Cross Country and seeing lots of friends.

Pool time? I’ll take it!

Boat time with the family and Taylor

Eating well after biking and running with Taylor. And he brought flowers for the new apartment!

Annnd, the apartment-breaking party was a success.




Ackles and Font not! We’ve endured many strange places, from Chinese subways to the Roadhouse. A strange, wonderful bond of jealousy and pride in each other, two years in the making.


Why do you (or do you not) get up in the morning? Something motivates you. Get in touch with it.