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After positive feedback from my blogging while studying abroad in the United Kingdom, I have decided to continue the chronicles! However, this time things are kind of opposite. Last time was mainly about myself: how I was growing and what I was doing to further my studies and life goals.  Oh, and side note, I was in another country.  Now don’t get me wrong, I always try to incorporate serving others into what I do, but honest truth is the root of being in England was for personal reasons.  On the contrary, this blog has begun right here in Baton Rouge and with the goal of giving back.  Others are primary, and I am secondary.  Don’t worry, the entertainment that was in my England blog shall still be present here, and I’ll keep up the visuals!

What do I mean that this blog has the sole goal of giving back?  Well, I mean exactly that.  I plan to blog about:

1) My adventures (so that others can use my experiences to get advice and tips on how to conquer mother nature, or for those that cannot get away, so that they may live vicariously)

2) Food. Food. Food. (any and all recipes and ‘healthy’ creations that I make, so that others can make them, too! If you like peanut butter, we will be great friends.)

3) Faith (to help inspire others and get them thinking about what they believe and why)

4) Service-learning and Public Relations (explained below)

5) Any and everything (for the simple sake of sharing)

Service-learning is part of a course I am currently taking at LSU: Mass Communication 4001 (Public Relations Writing).  Serving-learning courses can best be described as “credit-bearing educational experiences in which students participate in an organized service activity that meets identified community needs and reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understand of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility” (Bringle & Hatcher, 1995). The way we are givingback to the local #community is through SCVNGR (pronounced scavenger), a geolocation-based mobile application. Companies and organizations pay SCVNGR for use. Once people download the application, they can complete challenges that those companies set up.  Players earn points and win rewards.  For example, Buffalo Wild Wings may set up a challenge where you have to take a picture at the restaurant with sauce on your face.  Challenges may seem silly, but they create engagement between consumers and businesses like never before.  Our professor, Dr. Jensen Moore, has received a grant from SCVNGR so that our class can help Baton Rouge nonprofit organizations!  We will approach these nonprofits with campaign proposals as to how SCVNGR can raise awareness and possibly funds for their cause.  This project is called ‘Discover Baton Rouge’ – hence the blog title (minus the vowels from SCVNGR’s influence).

I am on a team with four classmates. We call ourselves Rouge Public Relations. We began working today on our sales letter! For the letter, we had to do some background research on SCVNGR, BREC and how to write such letters.  We learn about the public relations process in so many classes (it begins with research), but it is really neat to finally be performing research ourselves for a campaign…to actually be implemented (rather than just reading case studies where other people did research)!  Once our client is secured, I will post the exciting news! Until then, you must wait!

Not only am I excited for this project because it is a chance to give back, but also because it is a great chance to put together a (mini) campaign.  We get real world experience in so many areas, all the way from pitching to a client to evaluating our actions!  I can put everything I have learned in the Manship School to practice.

Want to know more about this project and follow its progress?  Check us out on Twitter!